This is loads of fun — a way to get the children out of the house and the parents off the street during the winter. This mold will make a cute, snug, and warm shelter for your children to play in on even the coldest winter days. They can have their friends over to play in it with them, and even have sleep-overs in it! These igloos would even work for a cheap little ice fishing house that’s environmentally friendly and disposable. You can also make straight wall 'forts' with this mold by reversing the direction of each row so that the blocks angle the opposite way, thus going up straight.

The best snow for building with is slightly wet snow which can be compacted into this nifty device to quickly create hundreds of perfectly formed, slanted, stackable igloo building blocks. The Eskimold differs from other snow block kits in that one block edge is concave, the other is convex, allowing them to fit together end to end. The blocks also slope inward slightly to form a perfectly domed ceiling. The last block on each row has to be trimmed, since the igloo gradually curves in as it’s built, and the diameter shrinks with each row. The included plastic snow saw works well for cutting the blocks, as well as scraping excess snow from the top of the mold too.

A skilled builder could mimic the traditional hemisphere igloo design, while the casual builder will end up with a taller, pointier beehive design, which adults can actually stand up in. You can make the blocks in advance, let them freeze overnight on a scrap of plywood, stack them on a sled, then haul them to your building spot.

If you have a couple of children, get two Eskimolds to avoid the inevitable tussle over who gets to use it. Also you can throw in an extra snowsaw or two so that even the smallest child will not feel 'left-out' of the exciting action. These plastic buckets are easy to see in the snow, and are strong, durable, and will last for many years.

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